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Innovo?Packaging?(Shanghai)?Co.,Ltd., Innovo corporation, integrates Jiuding Group’s manager policy Promise be Kept, Quality be First, inherited Jiuding group more than 10 years of professional technical in the field of EPE packaging ..

Innovo Packaging (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. was founded in November 2009, It is headquartered in Shanghai Fengxian District. Since Innovo Corporation found, it specialized in develop, design, produce and sales of PE packing material and related products. The main products divide into

Innovo packing (Shanghai) company limited (hereinafter "Innovo 833912 "), which was established in November 2009, the headquarters is located in Fengxian, shanghai. Innovo has 9 factories, which is located in different areas of China, specialized in Heat Insulation Materials, Aluminum Foil/Aluminum Film, Aluminum Film(Aluminum Foil) with Bubble Film/EPE Sheet/Woven Cloth/Non-woven Cloth, Baby playing mat, Laminating Floor Mat, EPE sheet, EPE Pipe & Bar, Air Bubble Film and other package materials. The factories can also make offers and carry out production according to the samples delivered by customers.

Our production process has reached all-in-one from lamination of the raw material to production of the finished products which not only cut down the production cost but also improve the ability for competition. As a strong economic entity of production, we have excellent management team, professional technicians, experienced manufacturing workers and stable suppliers that provide abundant and high-quality raw materials, which fully guarantee our strong throughput and stable quality. We got certification of SGS. Innove who cherish quality and brand as our lives promise to maintain the four principles---quality, price, service and credit.

JiuDing Group is the predecessor. Innovo inherited JiuDing’s business principles: “keep their promise, quality first”, inherited JiuDing business vision: “ as the world’s leader in the packaging industry”. On this basis, Innovo put forwarded: “More perfect of package and one-stop total packaging solutions(Complete Packaging Solution)” together with Chinese Academy Of Sciences, Shanghai Institute for advanced study, China Academy of engineering physic, Jiangnan University, Zhejiang University and others.

With leading production technologies and sustainable research and development capabilities, we devote ourselves to become a top-grade of heat insulation materials and green package service supplier.

Choose Innovo, trust us, We’ll do the best of the packaging material area!

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